Monday, December 30, 2013

"I Plan to Enjoy Life, Worry Less, Be Happier, Etc."

At this point, you might be beginning to detect a pattern. Despite being vague and directionless, resolutions like "enjoy life" and "worry less" maintain top-of-the-chart status. Fortunately, they're not impractical. They just need a bit of direction. "I will schedule time to worry." You heard me. You want to worry less? Put it in your schedule. Worry is an emotion just like any other and commanding yourself to feel less of it is going to be less productive than funneling it into a healthy outlet. "I'm going to take two real vacations this year." Especially in the United States, there is a lot of pressure to avoid taking vacations or to take very few. If your goal is to enjoy life, don't cave in. Science will even back you up. Studies show that when people spend your money on experiences rather than more crap, they report a higher rate of satisfaction. "I will learn this new skill." Gaining new abilities is not only great for personal satisfaction, it can improve other aspects of your life. It boosts your brain power and improve memory, especially for the elderly. You can even use this special tracker to keep up with your progress over the first 100 days. Once that's done, you can learn a new skill. Resolutions aren't just for January!

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